Why Ignite?

We saw a gap. A gap between the students who build products, start companies, and get kick-ass internships and the students who don't even know where to begin. Our goal is to close that gap, giving more students an opportunity to do awesome things, and to ignite a movement.

Ignite connects talented upperclassmen with motivated freshmen, who we know will shape the future.


Code is the differentiating factor between someone with an idea and someone with a product. We'll help you get started from the ground up.


The hardest part of building something is finding out where to begin. Not only will we help you get started but we'll push you to finish it.


College is a great place to learn, both in and out of the classroom. Your mentor will be there to answer any questions you may have.


Your network is one of your most valuable assets, let us expand it ten-fold.


You and your mentor will meet weekly, and we'll have program events every three weeks for you to connect with other participants.


Ignite will jumpstart your life. Our goal is to open as many doors for you as possible, all you need to do is walk through them.

Meet Our Mentors