Zach Price

Zach Price



Hey guys, Im Zach Price. Im 19, almost 20, and a sophmore here. Im from Milwaukee Wisconsin, and I currently live in a house off campus. I joined the hacker community last september when I was lucky enough to join the BoilerMake exec board. I got to ?help? run BM II and see what everything is all about. From there I?ve helped start Hack the Anvil, and gone to MHacks. This summer I also went to San Fransico for a weekend to attend Hackcon, which is a conference for hackathon organizers. I tend to think im pretty fun, I spend a lot of my free time fucking around with my friends. Mostly partying, playing TagPro, and just being a bum. Hopefully this mini paragraph isnt most of your first impression of me, as I think I write like shit. I?m just going to be 30 minutes late tonight due to an exam. I hope to meet all of you and welcome to Ignite!


  • Associate Director of UX for Boilermake (Fall 2015)
  • UX Director for Hack The Anvil